'Katha' means story

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Ask about our signature custom prenatal story telling classes Garbha Sanskar.

Garbha Sanskar

Pregnancy and childbirth is often called a journey, one of the most memorable and enriching experience for parents. It is a contract the soul of your baby has come to fulfil with the souls of both parents.

Listen to invaluable stories of child prodigies, of Gods and Goddesses, of Yogis and their siddhis and make this a fruitful and joyous experience for both you and your baby, Experience the cosmic vibrations while the meditations and chantings help you bond with the yet-to-be born divine soul.

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Kathas, Yoga, Sanskrit and Music

‘Kathavani’ is a bundle of stories, songs and mantras which mentally connect us with the wisdom of the universe.

Below is the list of our katha bundles…

Mythological Stories

We have stories to introduce the concept of creation and creator starting from the basics of Vedic Gods and Hindu trinity. ​ We use collection of stories from Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu purana, Siva purana and others spanning across the four yugas of sanathana dharma. ​Singing bhajans, chanting of simple slokas and drawings are tangible ways kids can connect to these abstract ideas.


Hanuman Chalisa

Specifically designed to embed the 40 slokas within stories of Hanuman, every child's favorite Indian super hero, we celebrate little Hanuman's life which stands as an embodiment of the very essence of childhood. Naughty and mighty, devout and yet rebellious, endowned with the super natural powers every child would like to possess..

Saga With Sages

Ancient wisdom from India is called Sanatana Dharma which means there is no beginning to it. Many people got it as an experience and have sung the vedas, vedangas, upanishads, gitas, sutras etc. "Saga of Sages" deals with stories about Sages of the far past. Each session will have a story on one sage.



Bhagwat Gita Says

I am ever present to those who have realized me in every creature. Seeing all life as my manifestation, they are never separated from me. They worship me in the hearts of all, and all their actions proceed from me. Wherever they may live, they abide in me.